Grandmaster Flash’s Car, Vintage Vinyl Collection Stolen

By Staff  |  07/24/2015

Grandmaster Flash

Hip-hop legend, Grandmaster Flash, recently had his car stolen in NYC, when a valet mistakenly gave his keys to someone else.

According to TMZ, the rap legend parked his custom 2014 white Dodge Charger at a parking structure in New York City last Thursday (July 16). Later, a thief came along, who looked like him, asked for the car, was given the keys and drove away.

"I walk over to the attendant and I hand him my ticket. His eyes get big and he says to me, 'Oh my God, I've given your car to somebody else by accident,' " Flash told TMZ.

Flash said he initially thought he was being punk'd, before realizing the attendant was being serious. "About five minutes went by and I say to him, 'Where's my car?' He looks at me and says, 'I'm so sorry, I've given your car to somebody that looks like you.' "

Worst of all, Flash had a crate of vintage vinyl records inside the ride... and lost those too.

He's considering filing a lawsuit against the parking company.