DeJ Loaf Readies “#AndSeeThatsTheThing” EP

By Staff  |  07/22/2015

DeJ Loaf - #AndSeeThatsTheThing EP

DeJ Loaf has been working. In between countless shows, she has been working on a new EP called #AndSeeThatsTheThing.

The Detroit rapper revealed the coverart recently, which features her dressed elegantly in a black-n-white shot.

"I wanted the cover art for #AndSeeThatsTheThing to be a self photo that needed no explanation," DeJ said. "I wanted the people to understand everything in one photo and kind of be like 'Exactly, I get it' because the title itself to me, means there's no going around this. This is it, I'm here to stay. Different flavors, different style. Anything I wanna do I can do it."

The first single is "Back Up" featuring Big Sean, a club-ready track sampling DJ Clent's legendary Detroit house hit "Back Up Off Me."

A release date was unknown.