Future Talks Ciara: “I Ain’t Thinking About Her”

By Staff  |  07/17/2015


Although Future has remained quiet about his past relationship with Ciara, he opened up about the break-up during a recent stop by Power 105's The Breakfast Club.

According to the Atlanta rapper, his ex never really shut down circulating rumors of infidelity after their split... so he felt he needed to share his side of the story.

"It was my side of the story. And now, I'm over it after I speak my side. Because she wasn't telling the side," Future said. "She was just letting it go along. Whatever the people thought about me, she wasn't saying 'Aye, don't say that about him.' When people they come together as a couple, when you separate y'all put out a statement saying 'Let us live our respectable lives. Leave us alone. We went our separate ways because of issues that we had. And we want everybody to keep our privacy.'

"She just went along with the cheating rumors and never said anything," he continued. "Issue a statement saying 'Leave our personal life alone.' And I wouldn't have to say anything about it."

When asked why they broke up, Future said: "I do my thing a different kind of way."

Later, he said he "ain't thinking about [Ciara]," but clarified that he wants her to be happy.