Forbes Reveals World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams 2015

By Staff  |  07/17/2015

Cristiano Ronaldo

Forbes reveals its 2015 list of "Most Valuable Sports Teams", which is led by soccer club Real Madrid.

The team is valued at $3.26 billion, after winning the Champions League for a record tenth time last year. It's the most valuable sports team in the world for the third straight year.

America's team, the Dallas Cowboys, came in second with a $3.2 billion value. Forbes says the franchise generates more than $100 million annually from sponsorships led by its 25-year, $500 million stadium naming rights deal with AT&T.

The New York Yankees tied for second.

Interestingly, the world's 50 most valuable sports teams are now worth $1.75 billion on average, up 31% from 2014. The minimum valuation to make the cut is $1.15 billion, versus $856 million a year ago, thanks largely to the soaring worth of NBA and MLB teams.
The top 50 includes 22 baseball and basketball franchises, compared to only 10 in 2014.

Below is the top 10. See the full list over at

1. Real Madrid - $3.26 billion
2. Dallas Cowboys - $3.2 billion
2. New York Yankees - $3.2 billion
4. FC Barcelona - $3.16 billion
5. Manchester United - $3.1 billion
6. Los Angeles Lakers - $2.6 billion
6. New England Patriots - $2.6 billion
8. New York Knicks - $2.5 billion
9. Los Angeles Dodgers - $2.4 billion
9. Washington Redskins - $2.4 billion