Eminem Admits He Didn’t Understand Beats Headphones At First

By Staff  |  07/17/2015


Beats By Dre is pretty much a household name today, but back when they first came out, Eminem didn't really understand it.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, the rap icon recalled the first time he saw them... admitting that he never thought it'd reach the success the company has today.

"I never thought the headphone thing -- it came out of nowhere," Eminem told the paper. "I remember we were in Hawaii, and we were recording songs for Detox and for Recovery. Jimmy [Iovine] wanted us to do a photo shoot with the headphones on. Of course I'm gonna do it. It's Jimmy and it's Dre. But I'm thinking, 'All right, can we get to the music?' I just want to get back and record.

"I remember thinking like, 'How big is this thing going to be? It's headphones.' But man, I should've known just based on Dre's name alone," he continued. "And Jimmy's like the Great Gazoo, from 'The Flintstones.' Somehow he has the foresight to always know what's up. Sometimes I just don't know what's up. It blew my mind."