Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday (Video)

By Staff  |  07/17/2015

The Black Eyed Peas return on the 20th anniversary of their debut with a new single, called "Yesterday," which debuted on Apple Music. On the song, the group reunites, minus Fergie, as they salute legends in hip-hop, sampling classic records like Onyx's "Slam," ODB's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya," N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton," and Beastie Boys' "Paul Revere."

In the video, the trio posts up in a record store, where they recreate some classic hip-hop album covers. "The video is a visual version of [the song]," said will.

BEP is prepping their first album since 2010's The Beginning later this year.