50 Cent Talks Turning 40, Bankruptcy & Making Fun Of Diddy

By Staff  |  07/17/2015

50 Cent

50 Cent appeared on Conan on TBS this week, where he discussed his recent headlines.

During the sit down, the hip-hop discussed everything from his role in Southpaw with Gyllenhaal, turning 40 and his Muscle & Fitness magazine cover, making fun of Puff Daddy, and recent bankruptcy filing.

Below are a few highlights:

On his bankruptcy filing: "I need protection. I get a bulleye's painted on your bank, you know? When you're successful and it's publicly noted, you become the ideal person for people to have lawsuits for. It is [a way to protect yourself for lawsuits] and reorganize things."

On turning 40 and covering Muscle & Fitness: "It was cool. But, I was playing in the Southpaw film with Jake. I was playing a promoter and manager, so I was supposed to be cuddly. I was supposed to be nice and soft, not all ripped up. So, I was having pizza and cookies, enjoying myself... Then, I had to get fit again for an underwear campaign for Frigo."

On making from of Puff Daddy: "No matter what you do, you get these different statuses. You be like a 'writer,' 'producer,' 'a mogul,' and as soon as you get into trouble, they go 'rapper.' You got right back to 'rapper.' I saw that happen to him and I was like laughing. So, I poked fun at it."