Outlawz Member E.D.I. Don Remembers Hussein Fatal

By Staff  |  07/16/2015

E.D.I. Don

E.D.I. Don (aka E.D.I. Mean), a member of The Outlawz, remembers fallen group member Hussein Fatal, as well as the late Yaki Kadafi and Tupac.

Fatal died in a tragic car crash last Friday (July 10), taking the hip-hop community by surprise.

"He was well-loved so this is a big blow," E.D.I. Mean said in an interview with Vlad TV.

E.D.I. says he and The Outlawz, including Fatal, performed in Ohio last month, and were booked for an upcoming show in Germany... where he expected to see his late friend. "I'm expecting to see my brother on Thursday, and he not gon' be there," the rapper explained, noting that his death has yet to really hit home with him yet.

Fatal was killed in a car accident on Interstate 85 in Gainseville, GA. He was returning home from New Jersey, where he had buried his uncle. His girlfriend Zanetta L. Yearby was behind the wheel... and has since been charged with a DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

E.D.I. says she "really didn't have a scratch."

He also says he first received the news from fellow member Young Noble, who he says was "in tears already." "I was on the way to the beach with my girl and the kids," he remembers. "That was the end of my day right there.

"When somebody dies like this it really don't hit you right away," E.D.I. continues. "If you seen recent pictures of him he was in tip-top shape. He was on his sh*t...just trying to figure it all out."