DeAndre Jordan Apologizes To Mark Cuban & The Mavs

By Staff  |  07/11/2015

DeAndre Jordan

Following the controversy over DeAndre Jordan's decision to bail on a verbal agreement with the Dallas Mavericks to return to the Clippers, the big man finally speaks up... offering an apology.

The 26-year-old took to Twitter on Friday (July 10) to publicly apologize to the Mavs and its owner Mark Cuban for reneging on their agreement.

Following the tweets, Cuban told that he still hasn't spoken to Jordan since Tuesday night (July 7), though he said he spoke to Jordan's mother, Kimberly, called him, but he declined to elaborate on that conversation.

Jordan verbally agreed to a four-year max deal with the Mavs last week, but this week, met with the Clippers and re-signed.

The contract with the Clippers also is a four-year max deal, worth an estimated $88 million, and allows Jordan to opt out after three years.

Cuban said that after the agreement, Jordan "basically stopped" responding to him, despite his attempts attempts to contact him to find out if he had changed his mind.