Kutt Calhoun Leaves Strange Music To Start Own Label

Kutt Calhoun

Longtime Strange Music signee, Kutt Calhoun, has left the label to venture out on his own.

In an interview with Home Grown Radio, the Kansas City rapper explains why, revealing that he’s started his own company, Black Gold Entertainment.

“I decided to get out and go ahead and do my own thing,” Calhoun explained.” I started my own label and do what I do best and do what I know how to do best and look out for my well being better than anybody else can.”

“There was differences felt. There was unspoken differences,” he added. “Aside from that, I just felt like from me doing my previous stuff solo, stuff since like 2012, I felt like I can get out there and I’ll be able to handle my situation by myself and still be doing good.

“It was just time for me to fly on my own,” he concluded, adding that there’s no bad blood between himself and former label mate, Tech N9ne.

Calhoun is currently prepping a new project, entitled The Kuttin Loose EP, featuring new producers and a new sound for the rapper.

“From there I’ll go ahead formulate a producer team or do what I do what I need to do necessary in order to get certain producers around me to make the type of music that fits the Kutt Calhoun brand,” he says.

The EP is available now.

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