Wale Feuds With Sprint On Twitter

By Staff  |  07/08/2015


Twitter feuds are an everyday occurrence. This week, Wale got into an online argument with cellphone company Sprint.

It began with a Twitter user mentioning their switch from AT&T to Sprint, to which the company congratulated the user on their move.

Wale later replied: "Hey do this mean I don't owe talk from 2004."

Sprint then suggested that Wale come into a Sprint store "for the Airing of Grievances."

At a point in the exchange, Sprint asked if Wale has Complex on speed dial, referencing his 2013 incident with the mag where he threatened staff Complex's over the phone when he was omitted from their "50 Best Albums of 2013" list.

Wale replied, saying he as Sprint's rival AT&T on speed dial instead.

"Na AT&T .. They sendin me free work," tweeted the rapper.