Redman On Eminem: “I Rank Him Up There With Jay Z, Biggie & Nas”

By Staff  |  07/06/2015


When it comes to the best lyricists of all-time, Redman has been in the conversation for years.

Artists like Ludacris and Eminem call Redman a favorite. Em even went as far as to mention him on his 2002 hit, "Till I Collapse," naming him above greats like Biggie or Jay Z.

When recently asked about Em's ranking among hip-hop greats, Redman says he ranks the Detroit rapper among other legends as well.

"I rank him up there with Jay Z, Biggie and Nas," he began. "So for me and him to feel the same way, it's just a level of respect that we both did our thing in the game and we take this hip-hop culture serious."

What are you list of hip-hop greats? Does Redman and Eminem make the list?