Pistons Re-Sign Reggie Jackson To $80 Million Deal

By Staff  |  07/06/2015

The Detroit Pistons resigned free agent point guard Reggie Jackson this week to a five-year deal, worth $80 million, reports ESPN.

The contract carries no options for either the team of player, said sources.

The Pistons called on Jackson last season, after Brandon Jennings to a season-ending Achilles injury, during which he averaged 17.6 points, 9.2 assists and 4.7 rebounds in 27 games.

After a solid outing, the team invests in him as their starter of the future, pairing him with big man Andre Drummond.

Also this off-season, the Pistons acquired forward Ersan Ilyasova from the Milwaukee Bucks, but lost center Greg Monroe to the Bucks.