Microsoft Unveils New “Minecraft” For Windows 10

By Jay Casteel  |  07/04/2015


A beta version of the popular block-building game Minecraft will launch on Windows 10 later this month, Microsoft and game creators Mojang announced Saturday (July 4).

The Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will not replace current versions of the game, but instead, offers several new features for the latest operating system from Microsoft, including access to built-in game recording, seamless switching between mouse and keyboard, controller and touchscreen, and Xbox Live integration.

There's also feature enhancements to the game's weather systems, including snow.

Matt Booty, general manager of Minecraft, said the Windows 10 version of Minecraft is a "work in progress," and wants "community involvement on shaping the game and where we should take it."

It will be free to PC owners who already own a copy of the game, and $10 for new customers.