Super Rare Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Surfaces

Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

The Holy Grail of game memorabilia recently surfaced, Nintendo’s PlayStation.

Yes, you read correct. GameSpot recently posted images of an extremely rare prototype of the SNES-CD console, which was created during a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony 25 years ago.

The never-before-seen images offer the first ever close-ups of the machine, which is now yellowed with age. It combines the form factor of the SNES, along with the branding of PlayStation.

According to the report, the rarity of the console is evident from the pics, due to specific design features, such as a horizontal volume slider at the front and an assortment of outputs at the back, which were not public knowledge.

While there are other known prototypes of the SNES-CD, each have different variations on its design, “which likely means that the version pictured below is the only in existence,” writes GameSpot.

The Nintendo-endorsed SNES-CD was first showcased during CES in 1991, which featured a “PlayStation” logo. However, Nintendo shocked Sony when it suddenly announced — at the same show — that it was partnering with Phillips instead.

Following the bombshell, Sony executive Ken Kutaragi lobbied for Sony to fund a console on their own, without Nintendo’s support. The PlayStation would eventually hit the market… and change gaming forever.

This prototype was found by the son of a businessman, who reportedly had ties with a former Sony executive, believed to be Olafur Olafsson, the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment in 1991.

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