Problem – Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side B) (Mixtape)

By Staff  |  07/03/2015

Problem - Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side B) (Mixtape)

Compton rapper Problem returns with the release of a new project, entitled Mollywood 3: The Relapse (B Side).

The 17-track release was executive produced by Bryant "Fastlane" Lawson and Problem himself. Features include Omarion, IAMSU, Freddie Gibbs, Cashout and fellow Diamond Lane crew Bad Lucc and Stoney Tha Dealer, among many others.

"I love this f*ckin record!" said Problem. "Feels good to be happy with who you are, no matter the situation. The ups, the downs, f8ck it 'This is my life!! This is my liiiiife!' Ayyyy!! Let's live!!!"

Mollywood 3 has releasing in two sides: the first part was released on June 30th and the second part is available now.

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Problem - Mollywood 3: The Relapse (Side B) (Mixtape)