Alley Boy Addresses L.A. Altercation: “It Was Some Civilians”

By Staff  |  07/03/2015

Alley Boy

Alley Boy made headlines back in February, when footage of the rapper getting roughed up in Los Angeles surfaced.

It was previously believed to be a situation with rival New York group, the G4 Boyz, but the Atlanta rapper shot down the rumor in anĀ interview on Atlanta's Hot 107.9.

"L.A. is totally different from Atlanta, it was a learning experience," Alley Boy said. "From what people see, that ain't... it was one of them situations, where people thought it was some street sh*t. But, it was some civilians I [was fighting]. But I was trying to get away from the police.

"I was in a situation where... it was semi-serious, but civilians was in it too. It was an outside thing, and some civilians got in, but I wasn't trying to hurt none of y'all," he added. "N*ggas hate me anyway."

Later, Alley Boy talked about his relationship with Master P, revealing he was never signed to No Limit, but instead was just working closely with the Southern rap legend.

"P is the OG. He a real person. He really P," he explained. A lot of people thought I did paper work with P or whatever. I ain't never did paper work. I'm Duct Tape [Entertainment] 'til the grave... P just wanted to work with me."