Meek Mill Talks Relationship With Nicki Minaj, How Its Affected His Music

By Staff  |  07/01/2015

Meek Mill

Meek Mill made a stop by Angie Martinez's radio show this week, in support of his newly released album, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

The MMG rapper first talked about his new single with girlfriend Nicki Minaj, entitled "All Eyes On You." Apparently, it was her idea... not his... to do the song.

"[Nicki Minaj] fought for that song," Meek explained. "You know me, I don't really be on the commercial-type songs and stuff like that. She fought for me to do that. It came out teriffic. That's what she do. That's what come with, like, having a hustler as your lady."

As far their relationship, Meek admits that his feelings for Nicki has influenced his music. "I never really be having, like, a lot of songs for the women like that because I was in the field, but now you see that I'm doing that," he said.

"Because you're in love, Meek. You're in love. That's what love does," Angie replied.

"Yea, nah, it do it," Meek said. "I never used to be wanting to write these girly raps, and I never really superly, superly mean it. But now, I'm in the situation... I can come with 'em all day too."

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