Inspectah Deck Talks Impact Of Wu-Tang Clan Logo

Wu-Tang Clan

Since breaking into the hip-hop game in the early 1990s, the 9-man group known as the Wu-Tang Clan have become both legendary and iconic.

Furthermore, their “W” logo is arguably one of the most iconic in the entire genre.

With that said, member Inspectah Deck recently discussed the impact the logo has had on culture.

“The Wu-Tang logo is definitely up there with Batman, man, or the actual W-B Warner Brothers,” he told VladTV. “That’s what we was looking at it as, like we wanted it to be that type of W. When you see that, it means, like ‘Warner Brothers.’ Bow.”

Deck later says the logo was designed by DJ Allah Mathematics… and expresses the joy he feels to see the logo tattooed on people’s bodies or printed on merchandise.

“Whether it’s commercially available or it’s fan-created, it’s all just beautiful to me,” he says. “To be part of this movement and to be 20 years later still at that, and to still have these die-hard, like we got die-hard fans. We don’t got them fans that they like you today and they gone tomorrow. Our fans have been down since day one.”

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