Bobby Shmurda Busted After GF Sneaks Shank Into Prison

By Staff  |  06/29/2015

Bobby Shmurda

Although he's already facing murder and drug trafficking charges, Bobby Shmurda got another charge recently... when his girlfriend tried to sneak him in a shank.

According to the New York Daily News, on June 21 a guard witnessed the rapper's girlfriend, Kimberly Rousseau, take out a "black latex glove balloon wrapped in black electrical tape out of her bra and hand it to him. The guard opened the balloon and found a sharpened metal object" during a visit to Rikers Island in New York.

The 20-year-old Bobby Shmurda (real name: Ackquille Pollard) was busted, along with Rousseau, for promoting prison contraband.

Shmurda is already in custody on $2 million bail and faces 25 years in prison if convicted of previous charges.