LeBron James Losing In NBA Finals Prompts Nike Ad

By Staff  |  06/21/2015

LeBron James

LeBron James had one helluva season. He came home and made it to the NBA Finals and nearly pulled it off... but the Cleveland Cavs came up short.

The NBA superstar may be disappointed, but has nothing to be ashamed about.

LeBron's story also made for a good Nike ad.

Check out the ad below, via Darren Rovell, followed by the full text... if you can't read it.

Imagine if Lebron came home to Cleveland.

Imagine if the team struggled early but finished the regular season strong.

Imagine if their big man went down, but they still found a way to power through the Eastern Conference.

Imagine if they faced the top seed in the Finals.

Imagine if they pushed Game 1 to overtime but lost another star to injury.

Imagine if everyone counted them out.

Imagine if they shocked the world and took the next two games.

Imagine if fatigue caught up with them, and they lost Games 4 and 5.

Imagine if they defied odds, logic and the basketball gods to come back and win the series in 7.

Except this isn't Hollywood. It's Cleveland.

Nothing is given. Everything is earned.