Obie Trice Talks Relationship With Eminem, Says Jimmy Iovine Didn’t Like Him

Obie Trice

Former Shady Records signee Obie Trice stopped by Hot 97 this week, where he recalled his history in hip-hop, alongside his new music.

During the interview, the Detroit rapper talks about being discovered by Eminem, saying the rap god head his music while touring.

“I put out some independent work. He heard the record overseas and came back to the D and was like, ‘We have to get this guy,’ ” explained Obie. “They played [my record] overseas, he was like in Europe and he was like, ‘He from Detroit?’ [His manager] Paul Rosenberg came back to the city and found me.”

As for their current relationship, he admits that they aren’t as close these days.

“I haven’t seen him in a minute, but he flew me out a year and a half ago, when he had this G-Shock concert in [New York City]. That was live. I got to hang out with the old guys… I ain’t really seen him since then,” Obie explained, before crediting Interscope head to him leaving Shady Records. “I don’t think Jimmy Iovine really cared for me. I was just me.”

Obie goes onto to explain why Jimmy wasn’t feeling him.

“I missed the Big Boy show (Power 106 Los Angeles). The Interscope reps picked me up from the airport that night. I think it was a Thursday, I had to be on the show early Friday… and they took me out. These guys took me out,” he said. “This is my first time in Cali, I’m from the hood… I’m on the radio. So, they took me out. We didn’t get in until 4:30, 5 in the morning and they wanted me up in about an hour and a half. I was outta there. Jimmy Iovine was like, ‘You can’t be missing the Big Boy show, you just can’t miss those things.’ Why would your people put me in that situation? He didn’t like…. I wanted to put my records out quicker than they were released… but you know, they want Em to be involved all the time. [Interscope] wouldn’t open the budget.”

Elsewhere, Obie talks about 50 Cent stunting his career, because the label put all their energy behind him. “It’s like the label said we love Obie, but 50 is the next Tupac.”

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