Kurupt Talks Suge Knight, Says He “Changed My Life”

By Staff  |  06/19/2015


Kurupt recently discussed Suge Knight, saying the once prominent hip-hop mogul "changed his life."

During an interview with Vlad TV, the rap vet was asked about his current relationship with the incarcerated mogul, to which he replied: "Yeah, we cool, real cool. I ain't got no problem with the old man. Suge [Knight] changed my life."

LAter, Kurupt discussed his first meeting with Crooked I during his days at Death Row Records, as well as an evening at New York City's Tunnel nightclub, in which he "served" a number of emcees during battle rap cyphers.

"[I] was at the Tunnel," he says. “They wanted to see Kurupt, the entire crowd, and I served everybody one by one.... I was the real rapper. Back then everybody would love to serve a real rapper. I was the Antichrist of the mic; I served emcees for a living."