Floyd Mayweather Unimpressed By Golovkin, Says He’d Fight De La Hoya

By Staff  |  06/18/2015

Floyd Mayweather

After watching Gennady Golovkin's recent win against Willie Monroe Jr., Floyd Mayweather offered his opinion... saying he was unimpressed.

"I finally got the chance to see [GGG] fight. Congratulations for everything that he's done, but even at my weight he can't beat me," the boxer told EsNews.

Also during the interview, Mayweather mentioned Oscar De La Hoya, who he defeated in 2007, saying he'd fight him again.

"I've seen Oscar [in the news]. I've seen that little thing, Oscar talking about he's coming back," Floyd said. "If he wants to we can rock-and roll in September. We can do it at 154 [pounds]. He already knows that. He said he wanted a rematch. If Oscar wants it he can get it in September."