Amber Rose Talks Wiz Khalifa, Fame & Playboy With Larry King

By Staff  |  06/18/2015

Amber Rose

Amber Rose appeared on "Larry King Now" this week, during which she discussed a wide range of topics, from relationships to rumors.

During the sit-down, the social media star opened up about her break-up with Wiz Khalifa, admitting that she misses what they had.

"I think about the good times we had, for sure," Rose said, when asked if she missed Wiz, which she says is now dating someone else that doesn't bother her "anymore."

Later, Amber talked about the dealing with fame. Larry asked if her life is better than how she pictured when she was growing up, to which she replied, "It's better in a lot of ways and worse in a lot of ways. It's 50/50.

"Just having fame, it's not easy," Rose continued. "I did not choose fame. I dated someone that was very famous. I developed a fanbase on my look alone, because I didn't talk for a lot of years. Once I realized I had that fanbase, it was already too late for me. So, I decided to ... to use it."

And finally, King asked if Amber would ever pose for Playboy.

"I would pose for Playboy, if they gave me the cover... in a heart beat."