Johnny Manziel Retiring His Signature “Money Sign”

By Staff  |  06/17/2015

Johnny Manziel

After a whirlwind rookie season, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel continues to make changes to improve in the offseason.

While speaking to media on Wednesday (June 17), he revealed that he will no longer do his trademark money sign, as part of a larger effort to rid distractions his persona had become to his teammates.

"The money sign will not be back. I will not be making it out there," Manziel said.

He went on to admit that during his rookie season last year -- which he said was "a disaster" Wednesday -- he was a distraction off the field at times.

"I feel bad about that today," Manziel said. "I feel bad about that throughout the last months of my life really thinking back and seeing how much of my life outside of this field and outside of this locker room was documented. It's not fair for Joe Haden to be having to answer questions about me every day. It's not fair for Joe Thomas and all these guys to just continue to have questions asked about me. I don't think that's fair at all and I don't want that on them."

He said the "Johnny Football" persona that had been created around him at Texas A&M and via social media was just too much for him to handle.

"I think it just overtook who I was as a person, too," Manziel said. "I think at times Johnny Football probably took over me a little bit, too, and I bought into that. ... I think I didn't do my best to hush things down, push down the hype.

"I think at times I welcomed it with immaturity and just accepted that a little bit. And that's my fault. At the end of the day everything that happened last year is not on anybody else but myself."