Tray Deee Says Suge Didn’t Set Up Tupac Shooting, Says He Loved Him

By Staff  |  06/16/2015

Tray Deee

It's been long rumored that Suge Knight set up the 1996 shooting that killed Tupac, despite being in the car with him when it happened.

While it's unlikely, some conspiracy theorists blame Suge.

Tray Deee, however, says the Death Row Records co-founder could never set up Tupac... because he loved him.

"I saw them together too many times to even imagine that [Suge] had a heart that black," the rapper explained. "I know him to a certain extent and he would've had to be one of the best actors in the world, because Pac was really like his little brother man. I mean, sometimes, they were wearing the same shirts. They was like.. (crosses fingers).

"Suge loved Pac, and Pac loved him too. I saw it."

Later, Tray Deee said hip-hop would've been a lot different if Pac and Biggie were alive today.

"If him and Biggie woulda got past that... I know this is true. It would not be this many people in hip-hop," he said. "I guarantee. After their departure from this Earth, bar quality has gone down like a bad stock market quote."