Jhene Aiko Recreates Iconic Tupac Photos

By Staff  |  06/16/2015

Tupac would've turned 44 today, and to pay homage, Los Angeles singer Jhené Aiko recreating three iconic Tupac photos with photographer Danny Williams and MTV.

In one photo, she captures one of the shots from Pac's All Eyez On Me album cover shoot, complete with gold jewelry, while in another she recreates the cover of Pac's posthumous Greatest Hits collection. And, in the third photo, she lies in a bathtub with gold chains covering her crotch, a nod to David LaChapelle's "Becoming Clean" photo shoot in 1995.

Aiko says she was just eight years old when Tupac died on Sept. 13, 1996. After watching the 2003 documentary, Tupac: Resurrection, she became a fan.

"I remember for one of my birthdays, my dad got me one of his poetry books and I was just tripping out because his voice is his own thing," she told MTV News. "Even if he didn't write, his voice is powerful enough to stand alone, but then his words are the same thing. They're powerful enough to stand on their own by just reading them. That's something that I would like my words to be."

Rest in peace Tupac.