Geto Boys Working On New Album, “Habeas Corpus”

By Staff  |  06/15/2015

Geto Boys

The Geto Boys are reuniting for their first new album since 2005's The Foundation.

Their forthcoming ninth studio album will be titled Habeas Corpus, but will not be released by their longtime recording home Rap-A-Lot. Instead, the trio of Willie D, Bushwick Bill and Scarface are seeking to fund the album through Kickstarter, with a goal of $100,000.

Incentives range from autographs and T-shirts to a golf outing with Scarface and a custom Geto Boys casket.

"We know what the fans wanna hear. We got it pretty tight," Willie D told Rolling Stone.

He goes on to admit that there's still tension between all three members.

"We f*ckin' hate each other, man," he says. "The Geto Boys, man, we're that family that can't stand each other, but love each other. That's us. Family's family, man. 'I can't stand that motherf*cker. I wanna kill him.' Yeah man, but you can't do that to your family."