Madchild Recalls Joining Rock Steady Crew, Swollen Members’ Success

By Staff  |  06/13/2015


Swollen Members rapper Madchild is set to drop a new solo album in July, entitled Silver Tongue Devil.

Following our recent sit-down with the rapper about the group's first big break, he continues to recall his past history in the game. In this clip, the rapper talks about being inducted into the Rock Steady Crew and making friends with some of his favorite U.S. rappers.

"I would sell weed and save up enough money to fly my favorite rapper out to Vancouver. Then I would promote a show," Madchild explained. "So, I'd fly out Aceyalone, Mix Master Mike, Del [the Funky Homosapien], Saafir... umm, Dilated Peoples. All the artists that I loved, I would save up enough money, fly them out, pay them to do a song and they would stay with me. I was living with my grandma's at the time. I'd make sure they had lots of weed... and it was just great experiences. Some of those times turned into life-long friendships and some turned into great songs."

This process helped the Swollen Members build a buzz, via 12-inch singles they released with the acts they flew out to perform in Canada.

"We were getting this worldwide success, really fast, on an independent level, like selling 14,000, 15,000 12-inches per release. Back then, was really good," Madchild said.

That's what the grind was like before the Internet guys.