Madchild Recalls Record Deal That Turned Him Into A Millionaire

By Staff  |  06/11/2015


With an upcoming solo project on the way, titled Silver Tongue Devil, we catch up with Madchild who reflected a bit about his history.

In this brief sit-down, the Canadian rap veteran recalls the organic success of his group Swollen Members' 1999 debut, Balance, and how it led to a historic deal with some big players in Canada, who helped them blow up.

"This dude, Terry McBride (CEO of Nettwerk Music Group), called me in and said, 'We wanna manage you guys and we wanna put out your records.' I was like cool, but I knew we had some heat. I was like, '50/50 net deal, or nothing.' He's like, 'We're never done that before... with any of our artists.' So, I'm like, 'Cool, I'mma go for a walk. I'll be back in an hour and you guys tell me, yes or no. Otherwise, I'm not interested.' They couldn't believe it."

"I came back an hour later. They knew I was serious and they gave us the deal. That deal turned me into a millionaire."

From there, Madchild and Swollen Members became huge stars in Canada, but felt good, because they didn't sell out.

Silver Tongue Devil is due out July 24 on iTunes, via Battle Axe Records.