DDTV: Ill Bill Talks La Coka Nostra Album, Status Of Everlast

Ill Bill

Digital Dynasty TV returns with episode #1 of our sit down with rap vet Ill Bill, who we caught up with during a rainy day at Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

During the interview, the rapper talks about the upcoming album for his group La Coka Nostra, which he says is produced primarily by DJ Lethal.

“This new album is coming out real crazy. We’re siked about it,” Bill said. “There’s a lot of [DJ Lethal] beats, a lot of Lethal production. He did a majority of the album this time, kind of similar to the very first album that we did. Last time, he did a couple tracks, but this one is more Lethal heavy. In a way, it has that vibe of us being in the studio together. The last record, we went back and forth, sending stuff city to city. The rule of the first record was where we made sure we were all in the same room when we did a lot of it. We’re doing this one the same.”

Later, Bill talks about how he has changed over the years, if Everlast will be on the La Coka record, and an Ill Bill solo project?

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  1. This is why I like Ill Bill, he says crazy shit on the mic but on the real he’s a down to earth dude and that’s why he’s still in the game after so many years making that underground rap money.

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