A new mixtape app has emerged for Android users, aimed at merging the latest technology with mixtape curation, called MIXHOP.

The company behind the app hopes to make music discovery effortless and free via their app release, which is available now in its first version, after months of rigorous testing and tweaking. It offers users of both hardcore hip-hop and mixtapes an advanced option find the latest and hottest music and new artists with ease.

“Our goal is for your phone to be your ear to the streets. So, when you find that new artist you love, we will serve you up their new music as well as those gems you might have never heard anywhere else. We are tired of the Internet creating a poor experience by getting lost in the landfill of digital trash and keep that hot sh*t bumpin all day long… period,” the creators of the app said in a press release.

MIXHOP allows users to find the most popular new hip-hop mixtapes and songs, start your own personalized radio station with a single tap, and is updated in real time with fresh new content.

The app is currently available for free in the Google Play store for Android, with an iOS release coming soon.