Apple Introduces iOS 9

By Staff  |  06/08/2015

Apple Introduces iOS 9

Apple officially unveiled iOS 9 on Monday (June 8), an update to the tech giant's mobile operating system, which is highlighted by a brand new version of Siri.

Dubbed "Proactive," the redesigned personal assistant features a new user interface and offers users more information than ever before. It also boasts added intelligence without compromising one's privacy -- data is mined from the likes of Mail and Photos on the device itself, while data mined via the cloud is done anonymously.

Additionally, swiping left brings up a more detailed version of Apple's Spotlight search, which can learn your habits over time to be more productive and useful, like Siri.

Apple Pay also gets an upgrade, with new merchants coming on board later this year alongside the inclusion of Discover. Furthermore, select store credit, debit, loyalty and rewards cards can now be added to Apple Pay, too.

One of the more useful features of iOS 9 will be the long overdue addition of transit maps to the Maps app. Maps will now show bus and train lines, while stations can be tapped to show departure and arrival times.

iOS 9 will see an official release sometime this fall.