Amber Rose Reveals “How To Be A Bad Bitch” Book Cover

Amber Rose

Amber Rose shared the revealing cover of her upcoming book this week, called How to Be a Bad Bitch, which features the social media star nearly naked.

The cover, which was shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle, features her in a skimpy bikini, posing atop a rocky coastline while clutching a golden bow and arrow. Beneath her is a naked man, seemingly killed at her hands.

In the book, Rose shares her secrets on how to lead a powerful life… or be being a bad bitch, as the title suggests.

“Filled with helpful advice and personal anecdotes, How to Be a Bad Bitch covers finances, career, love, beauty, and fashion while emphasizing confidence and positive self-acceptance,” reads the book’s description. “Above all, Amber delivers a message to all women in this fiercely fearless guide: work hard, love yourself, embrace your femininity and sexuality, and most importantly, chase the best vision of you possible.”

How to Be a Bad Bitch is available for pre-order at It drops October 27.

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