Did Lil B Shift His Curse To LeBron James & The Cavs?

By Staff  |  06/05/2015

LeBron James and Lil B

After getting into it with Rockets star James Harden, in which he put a curse on him, it looks as though Lil B has set his sights on LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs.

Being a Bay Area native, the rapper is naturally rooting for the Golden State Warriors to take the 2015 NBA Finals... and has shifted his curse from Harden to LeBron and others on the Cavs.

Following the Cavs' loss in Game 1 on Thursday night (June 4), the Based God took credit for shifting things in the Warriors' direction. He targeted both LeBron and teammate J.R. Smith, because he believes they jacked his "cooking dance" (that still looks similar to Chedda Da Connect's, "Flick Of Da Wrist" dance)... and wants credit for it.

"LOL at lebron and jr smith that's what happen when you flick your wrist u loose games Lil B cooking dance for champions ask harden - Lil B," the rapper tweeted on Thursday night.

"moral of the story is Lil B is calling out people that steal his swag and try and lie about it (James harden) or support swag takers."