Tray Deee On Internet Thugs: “You Can’t Be A Gangster On Instagram”

By Staff  |  06/04/2015

Tray Deee

West Coast rap vet Tray Deee offered his opinion on Internet thugs... and how it just doesn't mix.

During an interview with Vlad TV, the Long Beach rapper said "real" gangsters don't tell on themselves and if you're a gangster on Instagram, you're plain dumb.

"If you're a gangster on Instagram I would think that you're either trying to get some chicks, or you're dumb, because you're telling on yourself," Tray Deee said.

"To be certified as a gangster, you have to be known to have done something or be in to something. So, you gonna expose that to whoever might flick across your page. You're pretty damn dumb."

"To get your numbers up? What's the benefit of being known as the Instagram gangster?" he later asks.