Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son, Chet Haze, Catches Flack For Using N-Word

By Staff  |  06/04/2015

Chet Haze

Chet Haze, an aspiring rapper and son of actor Tom Hanks, made headlines this week after taking to social media to defend his use of the N-word.

In an Instagram post earlier in the week, the 24-year-old promoted his latest song called "Juice," and also revealed that he uses the N-word while with his black friends.

"I do say the n word in real life amongst my black friends who get me and can't nobody tell me I can't say what the f*ck I feel like, no disrespect to the struggle of black ppl during the civil rights movement but it's 2015 now and yes there are white n*ggas," Chet Haze wrote.

Later, he tried to clarify himself by saying he would never use the word around people he didn't know, though he continues to use the word on social media to whomever is reading.

IG has since deleted his account.

Haze caught flack from Roc Nation rapper Vic Mensa, who commented on one of his IG posts, calling him "a f*cking clown."

Haze shot back, warning Mensa to keep his mouth closed... or else. "I already knew u was a hater when I saw u at that house party in Beverly Hills. U ain't built like me lil boy. Don't act like u don't remember!!"

What do you think of Chet Haze's use of the "N" word?