DJ Skee’s DASH Radio App Reaches 1 Million Listeners

DJ Skee

DJ Skee launched his DASH Radio app less than 10 months ago, and just recently emerged from beta testing, after garnering 1 million listeners.

The digital radio app also boasts more than 60 curator-led channels, and a long list of advisors and investors.

“Both corporate radio and Internet radio alike have made the mistake of replacing the element of human curation,” said DJ Skee. “Terrestrial radio did so with politics and money, Internet radio with algorithms and playlists. Broadcast radio is meant to be both curated and communal; where real humans dictate the music played for millions of listeners who experience it together, at the same time, in real time. That is the promise that Dash Radio delivers.”

If you’ve yet to jump aboard, here’s a brief rundown. Dash Radio is a curator-led digital broadcast platform, merging the best of both terrestrial radio and Internet radio for a new experience.

Unlike most Internet radio services, it uses no algorithms, no playlists, no simulcasts. Each channel, broadcast live over the Internet, is heard by all listeners at the same time, in real time, ad free. Each playlist and programming is curated by the channel’s host — which currently includes the likes of Snoop Dogg, Odd Future and Mac Miller, among others.

Dash Radio is available now on iOS and Android.

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