2015 NBA Finals: What To Watch For

By Darren Griffin  |  06/03/2015

Steph Curry and LeBron James

The long awaited start of the 2015 NBA Finals is finally here, and the Golden State Warriors will host the Cleveland Cavaliers for a pivotal Game 1. A match-up few predicted at the inception of the season -- but now love to claim that they did -- properly places the two best teams, head-to-head, in one of the most unpredictable Finals in recent years. That unpredictability is largely based in the fact that the Warriors and Cavs do two completely different things, with two completely different superstars, and with two completely "green" head coaches. But nonetheless, we think we've figured out what to watch for in the Finals. And believe it or not, we might be right.

Check out our list of What To Watch For in the 2015 NBA Finals.