Lil Durk Talks Not Wanting To Raise His Kids In Chicago & Beefs

By Staff  |  06/02/2015

Lil Durk

With his Remember My Name debut album in stores now, Lil Durk stopped by The Breakfast Club in NYC to discuss all things Durk.

The Chicago rapper addressed recent comments, where he said he didn't wanna raise his kids in their hometown.

"The only people that say they gotta go to the hood, in interviews or anything, is the people that never been," Durk said. "We already know what it is.

"Kids in Chicago... just recently, a 4-year-old got shot in the head. She got shot in the head. She survived, but come on now. As long as they know what I'm doing, I ain't gotta be there every day to show my face."

Elsewhere, Durk talks about squashing his beef with Chief Keef, being number to death around him.

As for Tyga and Game, whom he had a brief issue with, he says there's no beef. "He cool. I ain't the trouble maker any more. I'm cooling. I'm good with everybody... I ain't the trouble maker no more. I used to be on a motherf*cker ass."