Ja Rule Says TVT Records Passed On Signing Him, Jay Z & DMX

By Staff  |  06/02/2015

Ja Rule

Before Ja Rule, Jay Z and DMX became wildly successful solo artists, the trio were a group known as the Cash Money Click.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Ja recalls his past business dealings with TVT Records, whom the trio was signed to as a group, but passed on signing any of the three as solo artists.

According to the rapper, the record company had the potential to become one of the biggest... but CEO/founder Steve Gottlieb just didn't understand some of the acts he was presented with.

Cash Money Click

"TVT could've been one of the biggest labels right now," Ha Rule says. "They had the chance to sign a new up-and-coming artist named Snoop Dogg, because Dr. Dre brought The Chronic album to TVT first.

"When I look back on it, that label could have been humongous," he continued. "It could've been a big, big rap label. He [Gottlieb] didn't get DMX and Jay Z, he f*cked over Nine inch Nails and f*cked me over."