Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Logos

By Staff  |  06/02/2015

Atlanta Hawks logo

The Atlanta Hawks unveiled this week, new logos and a new identity: the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club.

The primary logo features the team's evolved "Pac-Man" mark, which was unveiled during the 2014 Playoffs, with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club wordmark encircled around it.

According to the franchise, the "Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club" moniker expands on the idea that the team is more than just a team of 15 players. "Basketball Club" recognizes the contributions of the entire staff in the team's success.

"It respects and honors past players and coaches and their significance," the Hawks say in a statement. "Ultimately, the new Basketball Club designation reflects our commitment to building an emotional connection with our fans and maintaining an inclusive environment that welcomes all people."

Atlanta Hawks logo

The Hawks also unveiled a completely new secondary logo that pays tribute to the history of the city of Atlanta. The wings of a Hawk lift a basketball engulfed in flames, symbolizing how the city of Atlanta rose from the ashes to become one of the nation's leading international cities.

New uniforms will be unveiled before the 2015 NBA Draft.