50 Cent Weighs In On TIDAL’s Flaws

By Staff  |  06/01/2015

50 Cent

Since the launch of Jay Z's TIDAL streaming, there's been a lot of criticism and backlash.

During a recent sit-down Real 92.3, 50 Cent weighed in on the service and offered his opinion of why it's flawed... and said he could've made it more interesting if he was involved.

"Probably we could've did something more exciting if they reached out," he said. "Because the people that you saw there don't even own the rights to their music. So, they can’t say 'It's just gonna come out on TIDAL.' It has to go everywhere. So, why would you actually buy TIDAL to get something that would be everywhere else... I'm a free agent. I could have did something—made something special [for] TIDAL."

Elsewhere in the interview, Fif cleared up the misconception what he's not a fan of FOX's Empire.

"I don't think people know that I actually like the cast of ‘Empire.' They did steal the idea," he said. "The talent that's on there, I wanna see them be successful. My first film, I worked with Terrence Howard. He's the lead of the show. I wanna see him have success. And then Taraji, she's cool."