Lil Wayne
via Megan Elice Meadows / CC-BY-2.0

An update about Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting in April has surfaced.

According to AJC, the shooting was gang-related, because the man who fired multiple shots into the rapper’s bus did so in an attempt to garner a higher status within his gang.

25-year-old Jimmy Carlton Winfrey has been charged with multiple felonies in the shooting, including aggravated assault, terroristic threats and acts, criminal damage, possession of a firearm by a felon, criminal gang activity, reckless conduct and discharging a weapon near the street.

“Said accused did commit said act in order to gain status in his criminal organization by a committing a high profile shooting of a rival rap artist,” a warrant issued by Cobb County read. “Said accused has associated himself with known blood gang members in the Atlanta area.”

The shooting took place on April 26 in Atlanta at around 3 a.m. About a dozen people were on the buses during the time of the shooting, following a performance at the Compound nightclub. No one was injured, and it’s unclear if Lil Wayne was aboard either of the buses.