Boosie hit New York City this week, with his new album Touch Down 2 Cause Hell in stores.

While in the city, the Southern rapper makes an appearance on The Breakfast Club, where he discussed songs on the album, people turning their back on him while he was in prison, and crooked cops.

“A lot of people turned on me. I had dudes turn on me. I had my side chicks turn on me (laughs),” Boosie explained, after being asked about the album cut, “Window Of My Eyes,” which he wrote in prison.

Elsewhere, he talks about crooked cops, which is among the topics on his album, specifically on the track “Hands Up.” “I been talking about how [the cops] acting all crazy… in my community. It’s just now, they got camera phones,” Boosie said.

Touch Down 2 Cause Hell is out now.