B.B. King

Blues legend B.B. King passed away earlier this month, and now, two of his daughters are claiming he was poisoned by his closest associates.

According to CNN.com, the coroner says preliminary autopsy results don’t support the allegation.

King’s daughters, Patty King and Karen Williams, made the accusations in separate, but identically worded, affidavits filed over the weekend.

“I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances to induce his premature death,” they said in their affidavits. “I believe my father was murdered.”

Both women accuse LaVerne Toney, King’s business manager, and Myron Johnson, his personal assistant, of neglect.

Despite the claims, Toney’s attorney said the daughters are chasing a check. “This is absolutely about money,” Eric Brent Bryson told CNN, adding the charges were “absolutely ridiculous” and “unfounded.”

King passed away on May 14 in home hospice care in Las Vegas. He was 89.

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