40 Glocc & Jack Thriller To Face Off In A Celebrity Boxing Match

40 Glocc and Jack Thriller

40 Glocc called out Game in April, challenging him to a winner take all celebrity boxing match.

His Compton rap rival never responded, so apparently, ThisIs50.com’s Jack Thriller has stepped in… and will face 40 in a match, scheduled for July 25th in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Last week, 40 Glocc teased a video of himself training with Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, Jeff Mayweather.

Jack responded with a video, throwing verbal shots at his upcoming opponent, advising him to not even show up.

“40 Glocc, you need to kill yourself,” Jack said in a video released on TMZ. “Jeff Mayweather, kill yourself for even training him. And you can get it too for even knowing that n*gga. Am I supposed to be impressed by that s*** you was doing on TMZ? You’re making Crips look bad everywhere. You can’t be a Crip no more until I say so. Let’s do this b*tch boy… b*tch Glock… p*ssy face… d*ckhead. I’ma beat the b*tch out you. I’ma beat the snitch out you.”

Who do you think will win? 40 Glocc or Jack Thriller?

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  1. Popcorn ready. This should be a new thing. Have weight classes and belts for each. To be able to brag about being a Hiphop Champ would be awesome marketing.

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