Juicy J

Juicy J was hospitalized on Saturday (May 23), after suffering from shortness of breath.

The Memphis rap vet took to Twitter to reveal the news, the evening he was forced to cancel a San Francisco concert, after being rushed to a local hospital.

Despite rumors of an overdose, Juicy explained that the health scare was due to exhaustion.

“I was exhausted I been doing shows for 20+ years NO VACATIONS I dont care about money I enjoy doin this for the fans music is me,” he tweeted on Monday (May 25). “I pay my own taxes manage myself take care my family I’m a full time business man I ain’t gone never OD on sh*t but cash, #themotivation.”

Juicy J has since been discharged from the hospital and is back on the road for his “The Hustle Continues” tour with Project pack.