Ghostface Killah Admits He Confused Action Bronson’s Song For His Own

Ghostface Killah

Since the beginning of his career, Action Bronson has been compared to the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, specifically in regard to their flow similarities.

Ghost was recently asked about this during an interview with Vlad TV, where he admitted that he too once confused a song by Bronson for himself.

“I thought he was me one day, you know what I mean?” the Wu legend said. “When I heard some sh*t that I never even f*cking — when I first got put on and sh*t. I’m asking myself, ‘When the f*ck I do that verse?’ They pulled up on the YouTube, I’m like, ‘When the f*ck I do [that]?’ It was him.”

As the interview continued, Ghostface recalled when he first ran into Action Bronson, the rapper immediately addressed the comparisons.

“When I seen him, he was like, ‘Yo, everybody saying I sound like you. I’m not trying sound like you man, this how my voice is.’ He was a good dude, humbled and sh*t.”

“If that’s not the tone of your voice, then it’s like, ‘Yo bro, you a great actor.’ Only Jamie Foxx and them niggas could do that sh*t. I don’t know.”

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